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Discussion Park is one of the communication tools to acknowledge ideas. According to an article in Forbes everything is always changing and certain situations are unclear or volatile. Although we operate under the illusion that life remains constant, clear, and under our control, this is far from reality. When we dive into unchartered water, we never really know what is going to happen next. Hence in such scenarios it is important to master the ability to adapt new concepts and ideas. Discussion Park enriches learner/s to compose thoughts and stand out among the learner community. Likeminded learner/s can freely exchange ideas and benefit other learner/s too. Also they will understand.... What to ask? How to ask? How to respond and put forth their views. A learner can experience a professional communication and gain knowledge. Therefore this intellectual interaction allows learner/s to -

brainstorm together

develop language skills

engage intellectual exchange of thoughts

encourage shy learners to feel more confident

FINALLY leave thoughts to marinate